Medico TIME Study Portal has Gone Premium After being free for Two Years

In early 2017, we created Medico TIME Study Portal with the idea of providing all the past MCQS of Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Medical University and its affiliated medical colleges including IMDC, HBS, RIHS, FM&DC and YM&DC on a single university focused study portal. Unfortunately, YM&DC is no more with us.

Over the past 2 years, Medico TIME Study Portal has been completely free portal used by hundreds of university students & even it was helpful for medicos out of our university.

We hired full time typists & many freelancers to get this portal in the form its today. But the main hard work behind it was separating Mcqs blockwise & then verifying correct answers along with proofreading.

Initially, the idea was to keep the portal totally free for students & we tried maximum to keep this free because it was something which was our passion not for income.

But day by day monthly server fees went up due to Dollar increase & as well as we have to hire full-stack developers for regular maintenance although basic coding was done by ourselves but being medical students we were not able to give it regular time for maintenance.

Meanwhile, we came with the idea of putting third party advertisements on the portal so that revenue generated by it should be used for running the portal but this did not work well at all because that revenue was too less to run portal.

As a result, we thought to make this study portal paid, we were reluctant to do so but the only other option would have been to shut it down. So we made it paid.

We are doing this to avoid having to shut down the Study portal completely. We hope you will continue to support us during this transition time.

First Step

First of all, go to via the following Link Medico TIME Premium Account

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Purchases Activation Code for Medico TIME Premium Account.

You can Pay on Daraz via Jazz cash, easy paisa or Debit/Credit Cards.

After Purchasing Activation Code you will receive a code on your Mobile Number.

If you are not comfortable with Daraz you can follow manual method here Now Purchase Medico TIME Premium Account With WhatsApp

Second Step

After receiving activation code Kindly Go to and Sign up there with relevant information.

Your account will be activated within an hour.

Before siging Up do not forget to read terms & conditions given below.

Terms & Policies

■ This will be one-time fee & your account will remain open till Proff.

■ Portal Contains MCQS for First & Second Year MBBS & BDS.

■ Subjects Included are Physiology & Biochemistry.

■ You can log in on only two devices with one account ( one Mobile & one Computer ).

■ If you try to log in on more than two devices with the same account then your account will be terminated automatically by our artificial intelligence system & we will have no role in it,

■ Choose your first two devices carefully, your first two devices will be whitelisted as your own devices

■ Any Login other than your first two devices will be considered as spam & our system will terminate your account.

■ You will not be able to log in on your both devices at the same time. You can use one device at one time.

Any Question or Issue

If you have any confusion about the portal you can email us at

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