(1) An allosteric inhibitor of IMP dehydrogenase is:

(2) The end of purine catabolism in human is:

(3) In purine nucleus, Carbon no 6 is donated by:

(4) Adapter RNA is:

(5) Eukaryotic DNA is associated with tightly bound basic protiens called:

(6) DNA and RNA is differ in:

(7) Histon bound to the linker DNA is:

(8)The nitrogenous base present only in the RNA molecules:

(9) Unwinding of DNA is done by:

(10) The deficiency of UV specific exonuclease may result to which of the following disease:

(11) Linkage analysis is used to:

(12) Synthesis of uric acid from xanthine is catalyzed by which of the following enzymes:

(13) Denovo synthesis of one molecule of purine nucleotide requires:

(14) The anticodon region is the important structural part of:

(15) Chain initiating amino acid in protein synthesis in E.coli is:

(16) In the process of transcription the flow of genetic information is from: