(1) A 10 year old girl is brought to the dermatologist by her parents. She has many freckles on her face, neck, arms and hands, the parents reports that she is unusually sensitive to sunlight. Two basal cells carcinomas are identified on her face. The following processes is most likely to be defective in the patient:

(2) The extent of DNA synthesis in a cell could most sepcificially be determined by measuring the incorporation of radiolabeled:

(3) Telomeres are complexes of DNA and protien that protect the ends of linear chromosomes in the most normal human somatic cells, telomeres shorten with each division in stem cells and in cancer cells. However telomeric length is maintained in the synthesis of telomers because:

(4) A 37 year old immigrant from thailand develops, fevers, night sweats ,weight loss and a blood tinged cough. He presnets to emergency room, where an infectious disease doctor is consulted and immediately prescribes a multidrug regimen that includes rifampin,which inhibts the following type of enzymes:

(5) Two couples presents to the emergency room with severe nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. One of the patients admits that she had a dinner party and served a salad containg mashrroms that she had picked during a hike in the forest ealier that day. Inhibition of the following enzymes or process explain the clinical menifestations of alpha amanitin poisoning seen in these patient:

(6) Repressor molecules binds to:

(7) A 23 year old diabetic women reports having fevers and dysuria. Physical examination reveals costo-vertebral tenderness and her urinry analysis shows the presence of bacteria in her urine. Her physician suspects a complicated urinary tract infections and begins a 5-day course of ciprofloxacin. Such quinolone antibiotics inhibt the following enzymes:

(8) In contrast to DNA polymerase the RNA polymerase:

(9) The following does not require a primer to function:

(10) In protien synthesis, The following is a termination condon:

(11) The RNA primer is removed from okazaki fragments by:

(12) The following enzyme can insert to remove super coils twists in circular DNA:

(13) Histones have an abundance of the following amino acids:

(14) A 7 year old boy suffers from mental retardation and self mutilation and has an increased susceptibility to guot. These symptoms are characteristics of lesch-nyhan syndrome, which is due to a mutation in the following pathways:

(16) The part of bacterial RNA polymerase that is responsible for recognizing promoter is the:

(17) The binding of prokaryotic DNA dependent RNA polymerase to promoter site of genes is inhibited by:

(18) DNA-glycosylases are the enzymes of:

(19) Translation results the formation of:

(20) The following techniques is primarily undertaken to amplify DNA:

(21) Most genes are transcribed into :

(22) A physician would like to determine the global patterns of gene expression in two different types of different cells in order to develop the appropriate form of chemotherapy for each patient.One of the following techniques would be most appropriate for this purpose: