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Book NameB.D. Chaurasia Human Anatomy
AuthorB.D. Chaurasia
VolumeI, II & III

There are total 3 volumes of B.D. Chaurasia Human Anatomy commonly known as B.D. Chaurasia volume 1, volume 2 and volume 3. Each volume of B.D. Chaurasia is concerned with different parts of the body. We will discuss each volume separately along with download link for each volume is given at the end of that volume description.

BD Chaurasia Pdf Download volume 1 Upper Limb & Thorax

The first volume of the book is concerned with upper limb and thorax region of the body. It provides a clear crystal concept of each anatomical structure present in upper limb & thorax. If you want to master each anatomical structure with boundaries & relations to other structures of the body then B.D. Chaurasia is our No. 1 recommendation. We know you are here to download B.D. Chaurasia volume 1 in pdf, so you wait is over. You can download BD Chaurasia Pdf volume 1 below.

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BD Chaurasia Pdf volume 2 Lower Limb Abdomen & Pelvis

Unlike B.D. Chaurasia volume 1 which covers two parts of the body Upper Limb and Thorax, Volume 2 has a broad explanation of Lower Limb, Abdomen & Pelvis. The lower limb is considered a little bit tough as compared to the upper limb. But you can master it with B.D. Chaurasia volume 2 in no time with a little bit of dedication. This was just the general overview of the book, there are many other pros & cons of B.D. Chaurasia which you will come to know once you study it yourself. So what you are waiting for, download B.D. Chaurasia volume 2 below & start studying.

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B.D. Chaurasia Pdf volume 3 Head & Neck

B.D. Chaurasia volume 3 Head & Neck is also a good book to study. But it’s largely ignored by medical students due to its much better & famous counterpart Snell Clinical Neuroanatomy. Although Snell neuroanatomy has overcome this book yet there are some topics which are better explained in B.D. Chaurasia than snell. In short conclusion is that B.D. Chaurasia volume 3 Head & Neck is also a must have book. You can download below B.D. Chaurasia Pdf volume 3 Head & Neck.

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Meanwhile, B.D. Chaurasia Human Anatomy books are downloading you can have a clear idea about the books by getting some more facts like the pros, cons and some other features below.

Book SizeLarge
The book is originally named as B.D. Chaurasia Human Anatomy but is commonly known as B.D. Chaurasia. It is one of the most commonly used anatomy book for Stages and Substages in most medical schools across Asia that’s why we have put it here so you can get your B.D. Chaurasia pdf download.

Pros of B.D. Chaurasia

The unique point of B.D. Chaurasia is that it is written in simple & student-friendly language explaining each structure of the body. In addition, it highlights and illustrates the most clinically relevant views of the human body.

° Perfect for stages, substages & anatomy vivas.

° Large and incredibly clear illustrations with comprehensive labels not only of major structures but also of those with important Anatomical relationships.

Cons of B.D. Chaurasia

° A downside is that it can not be used to attempt theory exams.

About Editions of B.D. Chaurasia Human Anatomy

Until now 7 editions of this book have been released and the 7th edition is the latest edition of B.D. Chaurasia Human Anatomy. We have currently put here BD Chaurasia 7th edition pdf for download.

Why to have BD Chaurasia pdf download?

Studying books from mobile or computer can be a bit frustrating especially when you are a medical student, Then why you should have BD Chaurasia pdf download and answer is that it can be used to verify some points when you don’t have a hard copy of the book with you or you have to study during travelling, ultimately something is better than nothing.

About the Author

Dr B. D. Chaurasia is an Indian by nationality & doctor by profession. B.D is his short name whereas his full name is Bhagwan Din Chaurasia. He has more fame in Asia, especially in India. He has been awarded multiple awards by Indian medical organizations.

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