All that you need to know about Coronavirus Vaccine

Coronavirus vaccine

Do you want to know whether the coronavirus vaccine is available or not or will it be available in the near future.?

We know that the internet is already stuffed with thousands of articles about coronavirus vaccine with a diverse variety of views & facts contradicting each other. That’s why we have decided to create the most comprehensive guide on coronavirus vaccine in an easy to understand language beneficial both for laymen & medical professionals.

Frankly speaking, answer to this question can not be given in Yes or No. It’s not as simple as 2 + 2 = 4. But you will get an answer to it, once you completely go through this corona vaccine guide.

As we have covered each & every aspect of vaccine, so this article has got a little lengthy. To make it easy, we have created a table of contents to help you navigate through our ultimate guide for coronavirus vaccine.

▪ Has Any Vaccine been Developed to Fight Coronavirus?

Since the outbreak of Coronavirus & its resulting disease COVID-19 in china & till date while it has spread to 176 countries across the globe, there is not yet a single pharmacological company or health organization who has claimed that they have developed coronavirus vaccine in any form.

Definitely there are thousands of social media scientists who have made such claims but there is no truth in this, except to get few followers & likes on their social media profiles.

Of course, a number of pharmaceutical companies are working on it. Sooner or later they will come over it but a question will be striking your mind that despite so much advancement in science, why this vaccine has not been made yet, we will reveal this mystery in next section.

▪ How much Time will it Take to Develop a Vaccine for Coronavirus?

Making a new vaccine is not as simple as it seems, especially when it comes to making a vaccine against viral infection. Before launching any new vaccine in the market, that vaccine has to go through large phases of trials & the company which is making that vaccine has to follow certain protocols, rules & regulations as set by the World Health Organization & Drug Regulatory Authorities of that country.

Although there is a large list of protocols to develop a vaccine but they all can not be listed here. But we will try to give you a brief overview so that you can understand the whole concept & get an idea when coronavirus vaccine will be available.

These steps may vary a little bit from country to country depending upon the rules of the country in which the vaccine is being developed.

For example in America, Food & Drug Authority regulates the approval of new vaccines. Basically there are 04 steps for approval of a vaccine.

➦…Step One, Lab Testing

Before a vaccine is approved for clinical trials in humans, it is passed through excessive lab testing using various techniques. In this step, its toxicities are also measured. There is no defined time period for this. It may take even years to pass a vaccine through Lab testing. Some vaccines get stuck in its first step even for years because scientists can not risk the lives of people.

➦…Step Two, Clinical Trials

If a vaccine clears step one, then it is allowed to enter clinical trials in which it is tested on humans. This human testing does not mean that the vaccine has been approved. This is just part of the approval procedure.

Clinical trials consist of three phases, which are briefly explained below.

➦…Phase 1

In this 20 to 100 healthy volunteers are engaged & it is confirmed that if this vaccine is safe. Is this vaccine seems to work? In addition, it is tested for side effects.

➦…Phase 2

In this, several hundred volunteers are engaged and most common short-term side effects are noted along with volunteer’s immune systems response to the vaccine.

➦…Phase 3

In this hundreds or thousands of volunteers are engaged. Two groups of people are made. One gets a vaccine & other is controlled. Results of both groups are compared. It is confirmed that the vaccine really prevents infection.

➦…Step 3, Issuing of Licenses

Regulatory authority issues license only if they are sure that benefits of it are greater than side effects. Authorities can also visit & inspect the manufacturing site to ensure standards & then the vaccine is allowed to launch in the market.

➦…Step 4, Continuous Monitoring

Even after coming on the market, the vaccine is continuously monitored & if any harmful effect is observed, then the vaccine is evolved accordingly.

So from the above steps, you will have got an idea why coronavirus vaccine is not yet available in the market as above mentioned steps may take years. Usually, vaccines take a couple of years to be launched in the market but keeping in view the coronavirus if all resources are utilized, even then vaccine for Novel coronavirus-19 can not be made in a period of less than a year & pharmaceutical companies have also given the same statement.

▪ Why is it Tough to Develop Medicine or Vaccine Against CoronaVirus?

As you know corona is a virus & as a general rule, it is thousands of times harder to make vaccines against viruses as compared to bacteria. Let me explain it to you.

A virus is not a fully developed organism & even some scientists do not even consider them as organisms due to tiny size & lack of biological machinery as compared to other microorganisms. In spite, it uses host cell machinery to grow & replicate.

In other words, if we give any medicine to a human, then that medicine can not differentiate between human cells & viruses. Thus it can eventually cause harm to the human body by destroying human cells. On the other hand, bacteria have a characteristic cell wall different from human cells, so medicine can easily recognize bacteria & kill them.

Another reason for failure to make a vaccine against the virus is that they get mutation very fastly & the same virus contains hundreds of strains. So a vaccine against one strain will not protect you from infection due to different strains of the same virus.

For example, the Human Influenza virus has more than 200 strains but the vaccine is available only against 5 to 7 strains.

▪ Types of Vaccines Which Can be Made Against Coronavirus?

There are currently two techniques to make vaccines for immunization. One technique is called active immunization & other is called passive immunization. Both techniques can be adopted for coronavirus vaccine development depending upon the type of target patient. Let me give an overview of both.

➦…Active Immunity

This type of immunization technique is applied for healthy patients. Keeping in view the coronavirus, this vaccine will be given to those individuals who have not been yet infected with the coronavirus.

This vaccine will consist of live or attenuated coronaviruses that will stimulate the human body to make antibodies against corona but will not cause COVID-19 in human. It will prepare the body for future coronavirus infection & will protect from that.

This is the standard immunization technique because it fully prepares the immune system for future threats & provides long term immunity.

➦…Passive Immunity

This type of immunization technique will be employed (if developed) for those persons who have already got coronavirus infection. This vaccine will consist of preformed antibodies against coronavirus obtained by hyper immunizing other humans against novel coronavirus.

This is used for instantaneous relief. This is considered short term immunity.

▪ List of Companies Working on Corona Vaccine.

Currently, a number of pharmaceutical companies & organizations are striving to make the coronavirus vaccine. Each of these companies is at different stages of vaccine development but no one has succeeded yet.

Details about these companies will be of no use for you. To avoid article getting too long, we have listed the top four pharmaceutical companies (there are many other also) in competition for making coronavirus vaccine.

➦…CanSino Biologics

It is a china based organization located in northeastern China working in collaboration with the Academy of Military Medical Sciences & Wuhan’s Tongji Hospital. Their vaccine against coronavirus disease is currently at clinical phase 1 trial, it means they have already passed lab testing.


This is a USA based company working in collaboration with the US National Institutes of Health (NIH). They are also in a close tie with CanSino Biologics for coronavirus vaccine development as they have also started their clinical trials.


This is an Israeli company located in Kiryat Shmona. The Government of Israel is funding this project as Israel has also been hit by coronavirus. They have one edge in this race that they have also worked before on a vaccine similar to coronavirus.

➦…INOVIO Pharmaceuticals

This is a Pennsylvania based Pharmaceutical company which is being funded by one of the foundations of Multi-Billion Dollar self-made man no other than Bill Gates. They are currently in pre-clinical trials but they hope soon they will give a major breakthrough on this as their team is utilizing all the possible resources to win this game against coronavirus.

▪ Final Thoughts on Corona Vaccine.

We have tried to make an effort to inform you of the latest & authentic update on coronavirus vaccine. As new developments are occurring rapidly to encounter this pandemic COVID-19, today’s myths can be tomorrow’s facts. And we hope sooner or later Coronavirus will be a thing of the past.

But as you know, it will still take at least one year to launch a vaccine in the market, so the only available option for us is precautionary measures. If you liked this article you can follow us on Facebook Page.

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