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5 Legal & Logical Reasons of PMC ORDINANCE REJECTION

pmc ordinance

Are you a medical student depressed with ‘Pakistan Medical Commission Ordinance 2019′? Then you definitely need to read this.

After disolvement of PM&DC there is a lot of chaos in medical & dental graduates especially regarding “National Licensing Exam” which is being planned to taken from all medical graduates after their graduation.

After discussing the viral copy of ‘Pakistan Medical Commission Ordinance, 2019 with some of the prestigious lawyers, we have figured out five Legal & Logical reason that Why this ordinance will not be implemented in its full form especially its NLE section & Annual Tuition Fee freedom of private medical colleges.

We have explained each of the reason for this ordinance rejection with a brief description below.

(1) Ordinance is Not the Law

Without going deep in the complex legal terms just understand that “Ordinance” is the order of government which is issued without approval from National Assembly & Senate of Pakistan.

On the other hand “Law” is the order of government which is issued by proper approval from the both of parliaments such as National assembly & Senate.

Definitely you will be thinking that why this point is important? The real point here is that “Ordinance” can be easily challenged in the court whereas it’s almost impossible to challenge the “Law” in court.

So most probably someone will challenge this ordinance in court & the court will suspend it instantaneously till the valid justification of ordinance by the Government.

Frankly speaking till now there is no point in the ordinance to be justified.

(2) Private Medical Colleges Owners will Resist National Licensing Exam

We are 100% assure that private medical colleges owners will resist the clause of National Licensing Exam & in this regard, they will hire the best legal team or use their backdoor influence to terminate this clause.

But you will be wondering why they will go to such extent? They will surely go because if NLE is implemented their business will be severely affected.

If we compare the tuition fee of Pakistani medical colleges with foreign medical colleges then there is huge difference. Despite the high fees as compared to abroad, Students still prefer Pakistani Private Medical Colleges only because after graduation students do not have to pass through hectic exams which are taken from foreign medical graduates.

If this difference of exam is terminated, people will prefer foreign medical colleges & as a result, private medical colleges will face a huge financial crisis & so they will never let it happen.

(3) New Admissions Delay Factor

As it’s the time for new admissions for public & private medical colleges so any such decision will delay the admission process severely. As a result, court may give a partial decision that current admissions should be monitored by existing Pakistan Medical & dental Council & the rest of the ordinance will be discussed after the admission process.

(4) Government is Already Under Fire

Current Government is already under fire due to recent MTI ACT & most of the doctors in KPK & Punjab are on strike. So in such situation if any one-sided ordinance is implemented on medical students it will create more problems for the government & they will surely try to avoid these problems by rethinking this ordinance draft.

(5) Tuition Fee Freedom will be Rejected by Court Itself

This clause of ordinance seems totally insane. Last year in Suo moto action taken by Ex-Chief Justice of Pakistan it was decided after vast discussion that fee will not be more than 9 lac 50 thousand Pkr.

In that case, also favour was given to Private Medical Colleges by increasing fee from 6 lac 42 thousand to 9 lac 50 thousand Pkr. So due to this recent relief court will resist this freedom of fees because these colleges are already charging too much.

Final Thoughts

As the official copy of the ordinance has not been yet issued so there is much more to be discussed. The points we have listed above are just the other side of the story.

Being Doctors We should hope for the best & be prepared for the worst. What are your thoughts regarding this ordinance? Let us know in the comments section.

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